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Sarah B. posted at 10/25/2012 7:43 AM EDT on

I just wanted to give a review of my makeup trial that I had done. My hairdresser also does makeup and owns her own salon in Wallingford, CT. I decided I wanted to try her first since she is also doing my hair for the wedding and it would make things easier to have 1 person do everything if I liked the results rather than go to 1 place for my hair and another for makeup. I absolutely loved my makeup yesterday. She did a full application so it was really heavy, but it's mineral makeup so it didn't feel like I had a lot on, even though I did. Although it wasn't airbrush makeup, between the primer and finishing spray my makeup stayed put all day (had makeup done at 11am, photos didn't start until 4:45 and it still looked flawless). Her prices are also super reasonable. Yesterday cost me $50, and my day of will be $65. So if anyone is looking for a makeup person that won't break the bank I'd definitely recommend Charlene from Charlene Elizabeth Salon in Wallingford.

Melissa E. posted on 7/10/2012 on

I followed Charlene when she moved from a larger salon and opened up her own business. In the past 15 years of hair stylists, she is the only one who actually can interpret your concerns and then cut your hair PERFECT!! I have been faithful to her for the past 2 years (and I'm never faithful to salons). I only wish I can take her with me to Virginia.

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  • I feel so lucky to have found Charlene 7 years ago after moving to CT. I have naturally curly hair and have had such trouble finding a stylist that knows how to cut it. I would wait until I made trips home to CO so that my sister-who is a hair stylist- could cut it. When I first met Charlene I knew she was a keeper! She had beautiful naturally curly hair herself, she was warm and friendly and passionate about what she did. She continues to amaze me with her incredible talent and I highly recommend her. Her salon is bright and cheery and the ladies there are all so welcoming. I am moving out of state and am not looking forward to starting another hair stylist search. Hmmmm maybe I will just have to fly back to CT and see Charlene a few times a year!

  • Charlene Elizabeth's Salon is guaranteed to exceed your expectations! The moment I cross the thresh-hold I become priority; they hang up my coat, carry my belongings and hand me a coffee every time. Charlene and her staff are simply amazing! They are warm and friendly and very professional. The atmosphere she has created is so relaxing and charged with creativity-you never want to leave. The services that are provided uphold the highest standards of excellence. I always leave feeling refreshed and renewed and looking as beautiful as ever! I recently brought my husband along with me for a facial and a pedicure...let's just say he has now become a regular! I highly recommend Charlene Elizabeth's Salon.

  • I cannot say enough good things about Charlene Elizabeth's salon. The personal attention that Charlene gives to each and every one of her clients truely makes her unique. The salon is such a warm and friendly environment that everyone feels welcome. Charlene is extremely talented and listens to exactly what the client asks for and in the end achieves perfection.
    For anyone looking for a quality, skillful salon for hair, skin and/or nails you have to go to Charlene Elizabeth Salon.

  • She somehow always knows exactly what I want even if I don't when I go in there. It's like magic. She asks a series of questions and comes out with the perfect answer every time. I have A LOT of hair and I always do complicated things to it, but she never gets daunted. I will be relocating to the city soon, but no doubt I will travel back this way just to get my hair done by Charlene!

  • Such a relaxing, inviting and beautiful salon. She has everything from hair and nails to spa packages! I will definitely continue going here and suggest you come too!!

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